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I am not sure if we can call it the Whole30 any more because both of us have cheated already. My dad was super excited for the hubby to try this burger at a restaurant and I had a bachelorette party! What it did mean was a tummy ache for both of us and a mutual revaluation of why and what we are doing. Here it goes!

Lets start with prior to starting the Whole30 program my body had miraculously started righting itself. So I was tempted to not even do the program. But we did. With the first dinner not tasting amazing there was a moment of “do we want to continue this”? I was ready to jump ship.

Ketchup and cheese, ketchup and cheese, KETCHUP AND CHEESE!

Yeah I am a wimp. But the Hubby, who at one point in life said something like “being gluten free would be absolutely terrible and stink” while talking about someone who was living gluten free. Wanted to keep going. Now this isn’t just grain free its just about everything free. Everything He thought tasted good in the world. So I buckled up and got with the program. Well our #WareStyle program.

First, what is the purpose? The purpose is to be healthier and rid our systems of the junk.( Not going to lie secretly I was hoping that the last of my baby goop would disappear.) What this means after some revision is not to do the Whole30 program in that it will ONLY be 30 days but to make it a life style. Ok, life style. Wrap brain around this a revamp what we do. The truth is after a week of just about Paleo/Wholes30 eating we feel great. More energy, less headaches. I am not perpetually bloated and it doesn’t feel like a rock sitting in my stomach.

Why do we eat? We eat because it tastes good. We need to eat to fuel our bodies. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to taste good and you can’t have fun doing it. I cook. I ate healthy. But this is a whole new level of cooking. While discussing what guidelines we were going to follow the Hubby said he never really thought about what he was eating before or portion sizes. This makes you think about both.

I am a fitness instructor.For none other than the awesome REFIT revolution. Which means I teach high energy dance fitness. About a half hour in to my hour class I was just about dying. I had burned off everything my body had! Which means I need to make very intentional and specific food choices for the meals prior to my teaching. My salad and some type of protein is not going to cut it. I need heavier, longer lasting foods to fuel my body.

So I have rambled on and you are probably wondering what is #WareStyle and what do we eat! Its simple.

~Stick to paleo as much as possible
~Stick to strict dietary guideline at home
~cheat days when you are out are ok (we don’t go out much)
~Be reasonable with portion sizes (LOTS of veggies and protein)
~grains are ok once in a while

Evaluate the day and week. Meaning If I want cheese, be thoughtful of what kind, how much and not every day. If we want pancakes or waffles, be conscious of how many. Like perhaps eat two normal size pancakes instead of a giant man cake. Affectionately termed and adapted after an episode of man vs food. Then think ok I had grains so I should be conscious not to have them again for a few days and make sure i am fueling my self with good stuff (veggies, protein, fruit).

Vulnerable time. No need to cue the violins. As someone who struggled with an eating disorder and continual body image this has helped rather than harmed. It makes me stop and understand why and what i eat. Why (to fuel my body) + What (foods that are whole and good for me) = I WON’T GET FAT
Eating doesn’t make you fat. Your choices of food and then what you do after does. Skinny isn’t pretty. Healthy, in my mind I think athletic/active, is.

I am excited to start week two of super strict and keep learning!