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Not going to lie. The Whole30 is hard. One day in and I was craving chocolate cake. I don’t even like chocolate cake. The mere thought of not being allowed to have something sure does things to ones self. Can we just draw a quick parallel to temptation and sin?

I am discovering a few things about myself or rediscovering rather.

~ I am incapable of eating eggs with out ketchup! So organic ketchup with just enough to taste instead of eating it by the cup is the way to go. Especially combined with over easy or poached (runny yoke) is the yummiest way for me to eat eggs.

~I can not drink my coffee black. It upsets my stomach. Even eating it with a meal. No coffee…not an option. A little dash of coconut milk creamer is just enough to off set the acid.

~My metabolism is a lot faster than i thought it was. I have to snack. Even with eating the proportions they recommend I am starving a few hours later. Making the snack count is what matters.

~I NEED FRUIT. Lots of it! I need the natural sugar. Head ache and shaking like a leaf is what will happen if you don’t hand over those grapes ASAP!

~I don’t like salad dressing. I thought I LOVED dressing. I really LOVE fig balsamic vinegar on my salad.

~I ate a lot of dairy before. I used to think that I didn’t really eat much dairy but now that i am not eating any I realized I ate A LOT! Cheese, I love cheese. Yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese, and the list goes on. I thought as I was not drinking milk that my dairy consumption was low…wrong.

~I didn’t eat nearly as many vegetables as I used to think that did!

It will be a process of trial and error but we shall see how we go.