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In the words of Joanna Gaines “we love the challenge”. Before we get too far on that, can we pause a moment and just talk about how awesome the show Fixer Upper is? Because seriously I think it surpasses awesome and goes straight to epic.

Epic houses. Epic style. Epic couple.

While some may view it as a well done reality tv show, what it is, is a testament to drive, purpose, ambition and calling.  A nation left inspired to make something and boasting a living, loving, working marriage and family. Something that seems to be few and far between these days. They are not shouting perfection but allowing a glimpse of reality and struggle, paying tribute to the One who made it all possible.

How many times have we laughed at the dynamic of the two of them? Perhaps blushed a little with Joanna when Chip said something? Wanted to go play on the farm with their children and see all the animals? Felt like we were sitting at the table discussing house plans over coffee with Joanna? Gotten swept up in the story and waiting in eager anticipation for the home to be finished? Felt like we were part of the journey too? Wished we lived in Waco so we could have a house done by the two of them. Why? Because they reached into our hearts through our tv screen, social media account, or blog and brought us along.

In season one, episode 2, Young Family Takes on History, Joanna said something that stirred in my soul.

“We love the challenge. You walk in and everyone thinks you are really crazy. The end reward is huge when you take something that looks like this and make it into some gorgeous property.”

Yes she was talking about the house but what it stirred in my heart were questions and realization. Questions that I think we all need to ask ourselves now and then in the journey that we are on in our own life. The realization that even though it is just a show, the model it shows is so much more.

We love the challenge. When was the last time that I loved the challenge? Loved the prospect of working my way through something knowing that the end result could be more than I could ever ask or imagine? Looked at what seemed like it was impossible and instead of wanting to cry, faced it with determination and a bit of excitement.


When was the last time I loved the challenge part of being a parenting?

silly kids christmas

When was the last time I loved the challenge part of being married?

christmas mike and I

When was the last time I loved the challenge my own life brings?

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Chip and Joanna have made their mark on Waco, TX fixing up houses. The impossible for families turning into the possible because of their vision, heart and talents. Plans are carefully made, relationships are built and lives are touched in an effort to create the right space for a family. This sometimes calls for gutting the place right down to the core, rebuilding, making it strong, safe and secure. Let us not forget the side projects that are always done as a special surprise for the families. A project that was created just for them, no one else, special.


First, the family has to make a choice, the choice of the fixer upper. The one with the greatest amount of work. They then have to choose to let go of control and let Chip and Joanna take over. Trusting that the fixes will be made perfect for the family and choosing to love the challenge with Chip and Joanna.

It might be a show about a house but what Chip and Joanna have created and do is what Christ does for us. The fixer upper this time is not a house but rather it is us. We are falling apart, broken, poorly laid out and in need of renovation. He has chosen us in our poor condition and is ready to make a full over haul on our lives. The plans have been drawn up with us specifically in mind, to our exact specifications and needs. Just for us.


First, we have to choose to be the fixer upper.  Realizing that we are the one that has the most work to be done.  We are falling apart, broken and in need of renovation. A renovation not of our house but of our heart. Control has to be relinquished to the One that made the plans and trusting in Him to make us just what we need. Loving the challenge that brings His work in our lives.

Instead of sitting quietly, mindlessly watching tv during nap time my mind and heart began to wander. Questions being stirred in my heart that were a direct result of a TV show. A TV show that only exist because two people were brave enough and obedient to His call on their lives. We are the challenge and He loves us. We may be a little crazy but in the end when we let Himrevamp our lives, it is a beautiful reflection of Him.

Chip and Joanna thank you for following His call on your lives.