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I am a Gilmore girl! Not really but like the thousands of other girls on the planet wish I could be. Netflix recently announced the revival of what can be considered the best television show ever to some and for those of us die hard Gilmore Girl wanna-be’s WE. ARE. ECSTATIC!

I have been asked why I even like that show? It sounds like a bunch of girls talking really fast. Well, not only do I like it, I have watched it through several times and each time fell in love with the characters all over again. Each character bringing me along in their story so I can laugh, cry and share in their development. The reasons for the love of this classic show are simple and I am sure you will agree with me.

We all want to live in Stars Hallow

The classic, dreamy, all American small town where the show takes place makes us all wish for simpler days and intimacy. A town that is freakishly connected and deeply protective of each other making us want to join in as they walk every piece of Rory and Lorelai lives. We all want a Babette. A neighbor that looks out for us, invites over and is comfortable enough to wash her intimates in our washer. Even though Taylor’s antics and activities drive us nuts just like everyone else, we desperately wish we could join in on them. The hay bail maze, knit-a-thon to repair the bridge, renaming the streets, the ice cream and soda shop, the Stars Hallow Museum and the list goes on. While entertaining, we all watched wishing we could sit in a town meeting eating french fries with Lorelai, sip founders day punch with Rory and Paris, knit with Babette and Miss Patty and join any event in the town square.

We all want to go to Luke’s

The idea of going out to eat three times a day may not be awesome unless it is Luke’s. We all wish that we could eat breakfast and sip coffee out of the giant soup mug coffee cup that Luke’s offers. Eat the Monte Cristo sandwich that was on Luke’s menu the entire show but no one ate. Doodle on the menu’s with Lorelai and Rory. Watch Luke try not to kill Kirk or Taylor. Eat a slice of pie or a donut after a long hard day. Have a friendship with a diner owner like the Gilmore Girls did.

We all wish Lorelai was our mom 

We all fall in love with Lorelai and Rory. Secretly wishing that we could have that best friend first, mother and daughter second kind of relationship with our mothers like they did. In some small way inspiring us to connect more with our moms or daughters and walk in friendship. A part of the parenting process that can be all too soon forgotten on both the parent a the child. Watching them love, learn, rejoice and grieve together. Coming together for advice, adventure and friendship knowing that one would do anything for the other. Mother’s perhaps understanding their young daughter a little more as they watch Rory grow and walk through the challenges of life. Daughter’s understanding their mother’s a little more as they watch Lorelai want the best for Rory sometimes succeeding in her efforts and sometimes failing. In the end pushing us to hold tight to what we have.

We can all understand the struggle between Lorelai and Emily

Being a parent and being a child is no joke. It is difficult not only on the parent who is doing the raising of the child, it is hard on the child that is having to listen and obey. Watching the constant struggle of Lorelai and Emily is something that we all can relate to.  We all have that person that no matter how hard we try or they try there is a disconnect. Whether it be two different worlds, two different needs, or two different ways of expressing oneself, the relationship takes work. However it does not matter the amount of work, if they get along or understand each other, they are always there when they are needed. Lorelai was on Richard’s side when Jason sued him, Loreali helped Emily when Richard had a heart attack, She organized gran’s funeral and tried to reunite her parents when they separated just to name a few. We have all walked struggles. We get it and were right there with her.

We all know what it is like to chase after something and wish we had it

I think we all wanted to cry with Lorelai the night she walked in to Luke’s Diner after she found out Sheri was pregnant. She wanted someone so badly and was desperately wishing she had it. Whether it is a person or something else we all know what it is like to want something. Not just wish we had it but really want it with every fiber of our being. To chase after things in hopes that this might be the one or the answer. We all know the real life struggle and were able to walk with Lorelai in hers.

We are excited for the show to answer questions, tell stories and let us walk into Stars Hallow once again.