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To those that love Moms of young children,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Mom’s everywhere know this day is coming and as excited as we are about all the handmade goodies from our littles, that is not all we want.  Before you go out and buy us flowers that will die, chocolates that we will regret eating or out to a nice dinner that is too expensive, please let us tell you what we really want. What we want is not flashy or expensive and it is time someone spoke in our honor to let you know.  If you forgot about this day, here is you public service announcement that Valentine’s Day is in 6 DAYS. If that public service announcement caused an oh crap moment do not worry by the time you are done reading this you will feel more than prepared to let that mom in your life know she is special. These require very little prep work, creativity or finances, but the reaction will make you wish you had thought of this before. There is no particular order of importance and every mom of a young child would agree that these top their Valentine’s Day list.

  1. To go to the bathroom…ALONE.


The ability to sit and pee with out an audience would be really wonderful. As much as we love the little people that we have been blessed with, a minute alone to relieve ones self would be greatly appreciated.

2. To drink a HOT cup of coffee.


We all know that coffee should really be named mommy juice as it fuels and makes us happy through out the day. However, we would give just about anything to drink a full cup of coffee in one sitting while it is still piping HOT.

3. To take an actual shower.


We are not asking for a day at the spa, don’t get us wrong we would gladly accept that should you give us the opportunity. Yes we do not stink since we are skilled and have perfected the 2 minute military shower. It would be nice however to stand for a very long time in a very hot shower and know that no one is dying in our absence.

4. An empty laundry basket.


It is mind boggling how many loads of laundry need to be done everyday in order to provide clean clothes, yet we do it. Where we do not mind doing the washing and the folding, putting it away is a whole different story. An empty laundry basket would make us adore you for a very long time.

5. A room that stays clean for more than 5 minutes.


We are not asking for a professional organizer, although again neither would we turn down such a gift, but the ability to clean a room and have it stay that way for more than 5 minutes would be awesome.

6. To eat a meal while sitting, at one time, while still hot.


It does not have to be a night out with out the kids at a fancy restaurant. The ability to stay seated, eat our whole plate in one sitting, while it is still hot would be enough.

7. Happy children.


Now we understand that no one really has control over how happy their child is or whether they will explode at a moments notice. However if by some Valentine’s Day miracle you can ward off the fighting, screaming, general chaos and have them do something nicely for more than 10 minutes, we would love it.

8. To take a nap.

FullSizeRender 13

See those things under our eyes? Those are bags, black circles caused by the amount of energy and effort we have to put out everyday and the lack of sleep we get at night. An hour nap would surely cause us to burst into tears of joy!

9.To be able to think with out mom, mom , mom in the back ground.


As much as we seem like we have the amazing ability to think while there is a chorus of our name being called, let’s be honest, it is really flipping hard. I know you can’t help us think and duct tapping their mouths shut is probably a bad idea, but if you could solve their problems so we could concentrate that would be great.

10. To have an adult conversation.

It doesn’t have to be anything deep or complex but the ability to have a conversation with another adult using full sentences, would mean so much. One can only talk about going to the bathroom, boo-boo’s and sharing for so long before we feel like our brains are turning to mush.

11. To not be touched.


If by some miracle you can keep these small people we love off us all day long, that might be the most meaningful thing ever. You see when we are squeezed, pinched, hugged, hit, slimed, slept on and used as a feeding vessel, we are tapped out at the end. We would love to have something left over to share with you at the end of the day.

12.  To be told we are doing a GOOD JOB!

This mom stuff is the hardest job we have ever done.  On a daily basis we feel like not only are we failing but we are ruining our kids in the process. A little encouragement and reminder that we aren’t failing and the kids are just fine would be amazing.

We love the cards, flowers, chocolates, dates and what ever else you get us. Not for the item but because you took the time to think of us. Something that we rarely do for ourselves in our quest to take care of everyone else. This year let your expression of love be giving the mom in your life what she needs the most. Your help, a break and a word of encouragement.


A mom of young children